Relationship & Marriage

During our life we will go to different stages , we change by the time , if we want to be happy every day we will have to be free in our relationship. No one in this Life cant meet your needs at all Times , everyone has different needs it is important that you furfill your need to complete yourself, it does not matter if your partner  likes it or not , relay-in on someone and trying to keep someone happy , the only person that will end up unhappy it will be you, be open minded we are not going to be in this life forever, if you have a need and your partner cant give it to you then be open and get it from someone else


Is a very old Tradition which has been going for decades, Our Life it is not about promisse and being as our partner wants us to be, there is no need for promise we will change by time , we will like different things by the time , if we want to be happy we will have to furfill our needs no matter if our partner likes it or not


No one person can satesfy our need no one can make us completed in the time of need , that’s why we can’t have. Just one person in our life, 


Sex is in our genie we need it , the difference is that some people they have more need of it and some have less



Marriage is old and does not work any more in 2019 we have change in positive and we became more intelligent, there. Is no Need to ignore anymore what we want , there is not need to put borders to your wishes that can lead you in to unhappiness, your need is only for you , you are the only one that you know about your need,

It can be your partner or your wife , they should accept your need if it is for sex or if you like someone else,

If we stop ourself from the things we want our needs because someone else does not want it , we are doing a disservice to ourself , in order for us to be happy and completel is to be free in open relationship


Future Relationship is everyone will have a relationship with whoever they want at the same time



Honesty is be honest what you want and do it don’t ignore it to keep your partner happy


On relationship:

Cheating and trade with another person does not excist , your need need to be furfilled to be happy in this life you are not made for specific person in This Life , your are human you have feeling you change by Time and you will have different interest in life from your partner


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